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Organic Rosecha Organic Rosecha Organic Rosecha Organic Rosecha Organic Rosecha

Organic Rosecha

Aged bio tea with a nice floral flavor • 40g

A very special tea from the organic tea fields of Shizuoka that has been fermented with black kōji bacteria.

A Pu-erh type tea aged for 3 years, for the true tea gourmets! Picked in Shizuoka and processed in Uji under controlled methods with artificial fermentation. Sweet and savoury plum fragrance, the flavours of dried fruit, slightly bitter-sweetish with a distinct aftertaste of rose. We recommend to drink it in the afternoon, it will help your concentration. The brew is rich in minerals, has high content of antioxidants, improves the immune system and helps burning fat. It is lighter than Chinese pu-erh teas, you will certainly enjoy having this tea.

Useful information:
- Use soft water for preparing your tea.
- After the first flush, use slightly hotter water.
- If you use higher temperature water for your tea, it will become more tart.
- The longer you infuse the leaves, the stronger tea you get.
- If you add a bit more water than usual, your tea will be lighter in flavour.

How to make
Tea: 4 g / 1.1 tsp
Water: 250 ml, 95 °C
Steeping time: 40 sec

Tip: 3 or 4 infusions can be also made

Origin: Japan
Ingredients: 100% Japanese Aged Tea
Dimensions: 12 x 20 cm

Net weight: 40 grams

Unit price: 16.60 €12.45 €

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