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Gabaron Matcha Gabaron Matcha Gabaron Matcha Gabaron Matcha Gabaron Matcha Gabaron Matcha Gabaron Matcha

Gabaron Matcha

Green tea powder with extra amino acid • 40g

A high grade matcha tea (powdered green tea) with a high content of amino acid. Thanks to this gamma amino butyric acid, regular consumption will improve your health, strengthen your immune system - it also has a relaxing effect. The high content of this special amino acid is the result of a nitrogen and helium treatment that the freshly picked leaves go through for a few hours. This treatment starts a chemical process which increases the amino acid content. Gabaron Matcha has a distinct flavour, a very characteristic taste. If you want to drink it as a regular matcha, be prepared for a very strong aroma. For those who like lighter flavours, we recommend to mix some Gabaron Matcha to yogurt, rice milk, almond milk or even fruit shakes. Having it daily will improve your health and keep you healthy.

How to make
Step 1 - Put 2 g (2 matcha spoons) of tea powder in the cup and break up a lump of powder with the spoon or the tea stirrer
Step 2 - Pour some water over the tea powder and stir it until it gets creamy
Step 3 - Then add more water and whisk it until foam. Recommendable quantity and temperature:
100 ml water / 80 °C

Have a great tea time!

Origin: Japan
Ingredients: 100% Japanese green tea
Dimensions: ø6 x 7 cm

Net weight: 40 grams

Unit price: 28.90 €21.68 €


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