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Privacy policy

Marumoto Ltd has created its confidentiality data security measures in order to ensure visitors and clients the safe and discreet management of their personal data.

These measures aim to give a peace of mind to customers about the security of their data and that it is handled with utmost discretion.

Marumoto Ltd as administrator of data (hereinafter referred to as Administrator) records the data given by customer. This data will not be submitted to third party and will only be used for addressing. Marumoto Ltd may send newsletters about the latest products to the e-mail addresses provided by client upon order placement.

Provided that customer is not willing to receive newsletters of any sort, one may indicate this demand during the order request in the Remark section. Clients have the option to cancel it at any time at the bottom of the newsletter.

Marumoto Ltd web shop has expressed its intention for shipping activities at the Commissioner of Data Protection and Freedom of information.

The Administrator sees to that during its operation it handles data management according to the law of 2011. CXII. on the protection of private data and the publicity of information of general interest, to the law of 1995. CXIX. on research and data collection (name, address) for the purpose of business generation, to the law of 1992. LXVI. on the tracking of private data of citizens, and to the law of 2001. CVIII. on e-commerce and services for certain issues of information society. The Administrator declares that in relation to the law of 1995. CXIX. on research and data collection (name, address) for the purpose of business generation stipulated in 3.§, data is only collected during the requisition of its services and it does not manage data from other sources – like published inventory of data, purchase of database, data panel provided by an authority managing private data and address of citizens.

Definition of personal data: information which can be associated with a natural person (hereinafter referred to as: Affected), out of which conclusions can be made to create assumptions. Personal data carries its definition described above as long as its connection with the Affected can be restored.

Management of data: the collection, recording, storing, processing, deletion and usage of personal data including its publishing and hand-over and irrespective of the method used. The alteration and prevention of further usage of this data is also understood as management of data.

1. The Administrator may manage personal identification data and address of a natural person requiring services for the purpose of service contract, definition of its content, its modification, agreement completion, and billing of fees arising as well as the compensation of such fees.

2. The Administrator may manage personal identification data, address and data regarding the duration, time and location of services of a natural person requiring services for the purpose of billing fees deriving from services in connection with information society.

According to points no. 1-2, data can be provided based on the decision of customers which are the following: name, e-mail address, telephone number, place of residence, shipping address, billing address. Data fixed in points no.1-2. is deleted upon the termination of contract, completion of contract and upon invoicing – except in the case stipulated in no. 4.

3. The Administrator may manage such personal data which are technically crucial to the provision of services. During the operation of the system - while logging in – such technically crucial data is recorded of the customer’s computer which is generated during the requisition of services and which is being constantly saved automatically by the Administrator’s system.

When downloading specific parts of the home page, the Administrator’s system leaves small sized data files on the customer’s computer.
This is called the „cookie”, about which client receives no further notification, and these data files are essential for the functioning of specific parts of the system. Customers have the power to block all activities related to these data files based on the guidelines of their browser. By entering the home page a log file is generated from certain parameters of the client’s computer as well as from its IP address. This data serves only statistical purposes, the Administrator only use it to improve the home page. The IP address and the log file can be considered as personal data in some cases. Such data is deleted when their aim cease to exist, or in the case of specific client request. These data however cannot be connected by the Administrator with client data of other nature.

4. The Administrator may only manage data for other than the aforementioned purposes regarding the requisition of services –and thus especially for delivering electronic advertisement and addressed content- provided that the aim of this activity is named and the consent of the client is acquired.

The Administrator makes it possible during the entire time of data management that client may forbid the management of data either through the opt-out in the electronic advertisement or by sending a message via the Contact page to declare a cancellation request. The deletion of data in this case is done by the Administrator immediately. The Administrator leads a record (ban list) of the data (name, address) of those clients who have specifically requested the deletion of their data managed for the purpose of business generation (direct marketing). Clients appearing on the ban list cannot be approached to request permission for business purposes nor branded gift as advertisement can be sent to them unless the ban was valid for a uniquely chosen aim.

Clients have the possibility to request information regarding the management of their data from the Administrator at any time in writing sent to the Administrator’s address and by sending a message via our Contact page. Information requests received via e-mail will only be considered authentic if it arrives from an already registered e-mail address.

1st July 2010, Budapest