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Customer information

Certain procedures and data are crucial for the acceptance of the order, completion of purchase, issue of invoice and guarantee.

Marumoto Ltd provides information hereunder about the process of purchase, and policy and thus having full knowledge of all the necessary information you can order your chosen products easily and with a peace of mind.

In our webstore you browse among our products without logging in or registration. To access the Wholesale menu you have to add your company details. Should you have chosen something of your liking and put it into the cart; you can place your order in 3 simple steps.

1. Identification
If you are a new client, please register with providing necessary information. If you are an existing client, you can proceed by entering your e-mail address and password.

2. Shipping details / Validation of billing address
After a successful identification our homepage requests data related to shipping (method of transport, alternate shipping address or invoice data). In our store, you have the possibility to pay by bank card through the system of K&H Bank or direct transfer through your own bank.

3. Confirmation
Upon successful completion of your purchase you will receive a confirmation of your order via e-mail which includes the payment method and the duration of shipping and the total cost of transport. The prices indicated in our web store are valid, gross consumer prices, while you will find net prices in the Wholesale area. The selected and chosen products from the webstore, as far as possible, can be received in a couple of days time.

You can engage into e-purchase on daily at any time.

Detailed information on General Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction
2. Order
3. Prices
4. Shipping conditions
5. Right of cancellation
6. Best before and guarantee

1. Introduction
General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as T&C) are valid on the home page of and these conditions qualify as general contractual agreement according to 2001. CVII. law on electronic commercial services and services related to the information society.

Our company reserves the right to modify the T&C and therefore we kindly request to read our conditions stated on our website prior purchasing. In case of T&C modification, for orders placed on the web site the current status of conditions are valid.

2. Order, contract coming into force
Our products can be bought on our website. In our online web store on you can order our latest products. By pressing “Add to Cart” you can add your product into the shopping cart. The cart serves to gather and collect the products you wish to order and see how much their total estimated cost. From the shopping cart, you can proceed with order placement by clicking on the “Next” button. Then the customer needs to fill in an identification page, and by giving shipping details you can confirm your order. On this page the client receives a thorough and detailed description of the price of the products in the shopping cart as well as their shipping cost by choosing the method of transport. Here is also two options of payment method to select: credit card transaction, direct transfer transaction.
Credit card transaction: by clicking on the “Next” button the customer is redirected to a secure payment web page operated by K&H Bank, where bank card details need to be filled in. After giving adequate information on bank card details and by clicking on the “Confirm” button, you can start the transaction. After payment you return to the web page of our web store where you receive feedback on the result of the transaction. With this step, our system has registered your order, the commercial agreement comes into force, about which you are notified in a confirmation e-mail. Provided that the confirmation e-mail does not arrive in 48 hours after order placement, please let us know under the “Contact” option in the menu bar. When paying with bank card, after a successful transaction – which means that both the validity of the bank card and the deposit on the account has been checked – K&H Bank initiates the debit procedure on the account of the bank card owner equalled to the cost of product or services. If you are not redirected from the payment page to the web store then the transaction is considered as unsuccessful. If you are on the payment page and you click on the “Back” or “Refresh” buttons or if you close the browser window before you are redirected to the web store, the payment is considered as unsuccessful. If you would like to receive further information on the status of transaction or the reasons on its failure, please get in touch with your bank managing your account.

The usage of bank card payment is a secure transaction method. The safety is stemming from the division of data. The web store only receives information regarding the order placement and the bank only receives bank card data which are needed for payment on a special web page fitted with 128 bit SSL encryption. The data content of the payment page is not known for the web store, and it is only accessible for the bank. You are notified of the result of transaction by the web store. For bank card payment you browser need to enable and support SSL encryption. The value of selected product/services is locked on your account.

What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing?

  • Please read our guide, Terms and Conditions as well as the conditions of shipment and payment.
  • Study the safety conditions of our web store, since this guarantees the safety of your data.
  • Keep a record of your data regarding your shopping.
  • Keep a record of your data regarding your payment (transaction id, permit number).
  • Make sure your confidential bank card details cannot be accessed by non authorized persons.
  • Make sure you use a browser that enables and supports SSL encryption.

Cards accepted: The payment page of K&H bank accepts bank cards belonging to the MasterCard and VISA family of cards as well as web cards suitable for online usage. You can pay from any foreign currency account according to the current Euro exchange rate.

Direct transfer transaction: by clicking on the "Next" button the customer will get a notification e-mail that contains the total price and our international bank account number. After receiving the amount we will immediately deliver the selected products.

In case of high demand it may happen that there is insufficient stock and the products you would like to purchase are not available. In this case, please let us know your order request via the 'Contact Us' option on our web page by writing the quantity of the product in question.

3. Prices
Sales prices given in Euros and include VAT. Shipping costs of products ordered on our website is related to the product specifically and varies according to the method of transport chosen by the client, which item is not included in the sales price. The exact amount of shipping is provided after filling in the “Shipping data” page.

Standard shipping costs for orientation

Delivery service


Up to 5 kg3 €
Up to 15 kg4 €
Up to 20 kg5 €
Up to 30 kg7 €
Up to 40 kg22 €

Other countries
Up to 2 kg13 €16 €19 €50 €
Up to 3 kg16 €20 €25 €70 €
Up to 5 kg20 €24 €30 €76 €
Up to 10 kg23 €29 €34 €95 €
Up to 15 kg25 €31 €37 €118 €
Up to 20 kg28 €36 €43 €142 €
Up to 25 kg31 €38 €47 €168 €
Up to 30 kg34 €42 €50 €195 €
Up to 40 kg41 €52 €62 €247 €

ZONE 1: Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia
ZONE 2: Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria
ZONE 3: Denmark, San Marino, Vatican City, Italy, France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Ireland
ZONE 4: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Finland, Malta, Cyprus


Up to 500 g2 €
Up to 2 000 g5 €
Normal up to 20 kg5 €
Fragile up to 20 kg10 €

4. Shipping conditions
Our shipping service is available in the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vatican

When shipping, client is notified about related fees in all cases before the contract comes into force. We deliver ordered products – provided that they are on stock – within 9 work days from the date of contractual agreement. For the products delivered a financial compensation has to be settled on K&H’s bank payment page or the direct transfer in advance.
If you choose personal acceptance then you only have to pay the price of the product on the payment page or the transfer directly in advance. In this case your order will not be shipped and the product can be received personally or via trustee in 5 work days in our shop at Hercegprímás u. 9., Budapest, Hungary, from 10 am till 8 pm between Monday and Saturday.
When accepting your order, make sure it is not damaged! Do not take a damaged product over, in this case please ask for a certification of the fact that the product has indeed been damaged and ask for re-shipping from us. With complaints, please write a message on the Contact Us page. The invoice or in some cases printed materials for usage and other information package will be attached to the content of the shipment.

5. Right of cancellation
You have the right to cancel your order without any reason within 8 work days after acceptance of product, except for those products which are given out due to consumption. We can only offer a payback guarantee if the packaging of the product is intact. A written cancellation has to be considered as valid if the customer has sent it within the deadline. In this scenario the paid amount will be recompensated within 30 days. Fees and collateral costs above the sales price will be borne by the client due to the practice of the right of cancellation. The right of cancellation cannot be used in cases when the product due to its nature cannot be returned, given out during consumption or if it’s perishable. The practice of the right of cancellation is only valid for products preserved in their original, undamaged and unused (including attached content) status or we are granted the right to demand compensation for suffered losses due to improper usage.
If the product shipped is not what the client expected, then client may send it back to us in its original state along with the invoice to our address: Hercegprímás út 9., 1051 Budapest
Please, do not send your products cash on delivery back because we cannot receive these kind of pacakages. We return the paid amount via bank transfer. Our payback guarantee is only valid for intact, undamaged products. Product replacement is done via postal services and via courier services. If you wish to receive your replacement by courier, please let us know via the Contact Us option.

6. Best before and guarantee
We stand for a best before date and guarantee as it is required by law. We kindly inform our customers that by buying our products, you engage into consumer contractual agreement with our company.

Product imagery may slightly differ from reality in colour and shade.

Due to unique production technology and handmade ornamentation, some products are not identical, and therefore these might appear differently from what you can see in the pictures.

We wish you a happy browsing among our products and happy shopping!