“Silently sitting alone and drinking tea,
I feel these become part of me.”

But the tea is gone, the teacup is now empty.
The good memory and flavour of the tea lingers on. It became part of us, just as the Japanese tea master said in the quote above.

Dear Customers! Dear Guests! We hope the teas offered by us became part of your lives too and we live on in your memories. We inform you with a heavy heart that Marumoto reached the end of its journey. Our Teahouse and Shop will close definitively at 8PM on the 27th of March.
The reason for our decision is complex and has many aspects, but in short we are no longer able to train and teach our staff to maintain a high-standard service. From the end of March, we can not provide the required circumstances to offer high-quality experiences anymore.

We thank you for your confidence in us and all these years that were so precious to us.

Sadly, it is pointless to hope that Marumoto will revive in the future, but please allow us to call your attention to our Japanese company that has been the supplier of Marumoto till now. We serve our international customers all around the world with special premium teas and unique tea accessories offering the best terms possible:

Find your favourite teas on this platform too. We invite you to check out our website!

Motonari Jotatsu / Founder and CEO
Ágnes Balogh / Founder and Project coordinator

February 27, 2018

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