Marumoto teabolt

Authentic Japanese teahouse and tea shop

The Marumoto tea shop has been offering products from Japan in the heart of Budapest since 2010.Its set goal is to convey Japanese tea culture to Europe and to introduce locals to Japanese tea culture and the related traditional and modern arts as broadly as possible. It is attributable to the cooperation with partners possessing considerable professional background and first-rate references that the offerings of the tea shop meet even the highest of expectations. The primary consideration is the originality of the teas; consequently, only inspected owner-tested products of flawless quality are being sold. The products of the tea shop are being procured directly from the home country through the Japanese owner’s central firm in Kyoto. As a result, importation and product services in the territory of the entire European Union is performed under the best conditions. Additionally, it is important to highlight the expertise and the humility towards the profession, guaranteed by the person and know-how of the chief executive.

Chasaku Natur

Chasaku Natur

Tea spoon to tea powder

5.50 € 4.13 €
Ureshino Kamairicha

Ureshino Kamairicha

Characteristic pan-fried green tea • 80g

18.00 € 13.50 €
Hōjichairi Mugicha 21x12g

Hōjichairi Mugicha 21x12g

Roasted barley pouches • 252g

13.00 € 9.75 €

Of the offerings of the teahouse and tea shop

One must learn to appreciate the flavour of tea; this is particularly true to certain varieties. To enjoy these, the proper use of cups and teapots is essential. Naturally, one must begin somewhere when learning the flavours of Japanese teas, therefore the Marumoto tea shop also offers varieties to those who have just begun to explore the world of teas. The teahouse team also holds a tasting and tea presentation for those who inquire in person. Those who wish to sample true delicacies may select from among Japanese teas that are nearly impossible to obtain outside of the home country. Products grown at Japanese organic farms can also be found on the tea shop’s shelves, as the company holds an official bio-importer license since 2014. The tea shop’s line-up includes powdered green teas, loose leaf black teas, oolong as well as pu-erh style teas and filter bag teas alike.

Tea accessories at the Marumoto tea shop

We lay great emphasis on the dissemination of culture built around Japanese tea, thus the tea shop’s offer includes both the traditional and modern accessories of tea consumption. We offer teapots used for brewing various green teas (kyusu, hohin, dobin), in side and overhead handled versions, or even without a handle, alongside the yuzamashi water coolers. Thanks to the good ties nurtured with Japanese artists the Marumoto teashop also offers handmade products of significant aesthetic value. In addition to the famous Kiyomizu porcelain products from Kyoto, those interested may also find the products of Banko and Tokoname with their maximum precision and browse among special Shigaraki, Hagi and Bizen ceramics.
If it is Japan, then the palette of bamboo products must not be missed. The portfolio includes the varieties of bamboo tea whisks (chasen) manufactured in the historically significant city of Nara, or the lacquered bent-bamboo tea scoops (chasaku) from Kyoto, and all that is an essential element of a good tea service.

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